18 Trios, Volume 2 for Woodwinds

Clarinet and basset horn virtuoso Anton Stadler brought innovations to wind instruments, in particular by following the example of the basset horn and extending the low register of the clarinet by a third. Though renowned as a performer, Stadler is relatively unknown as a composer. Among his chamber works for winds are these 18 Trios for three basset horns, in which he unites a perfect understanding of the instrument with the playful inspiration of composition. These diverse and stunning pieces reveal the artist's vivid and mischievous skill, as well as his tenderness.

These arrangements for woodwind trio, presented in two volumes, are by the group Trio di Bassetto (Jean-Claude Veilhan, Eric Lorho and Jean-Louis Gauch). The trios are playable either by three basset horns, three Bb clarinets, two Bb clarinets and one bassoon or woodwind trio (oboe or flute, clarinet and bassoon).

Solo Parts Included: Part 1 (Clarinet 1, Basset Horn 1 in F, Flute or Oboe), Part 2 (Clarinet 2 or Basset Horn 2 in F), Part 3 (Clarinet 3, Basset Horn 3 in F or Bassoon)

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