A te, o cara nellopera I Puritani di Bellini for Solo Clarinet

Arturo's aria, "A te, o cara" from Act 1, Scene 5 of Vincenzo Bellini's 1835 opera I Puritani is the single theme of this virtuosic fantasy for unaccompanied clarinet. Accompanied by characters Sir Giorgio, Lord Walton and Elvira from Bellini's opera seria, Domenico Liverani cleverly integrates the quartet of operatic voices within the single clarinet line to provide a more comprehensive portrayal of the Bellini aria. Various alterations of rhythm and melody are engaged throughout the fantasy, but Bellini's theme remains distinguishable. This work is part of a collection dedicated to Gioacchino Rossini entitled Suite des Etudes Melodiques. 

Solo Parts Included: Clarinet

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