An American Soldiers Tale

The text written by Kurt Vonnegut in 1993 for Stravinsky's masterpiece, A Soldier's Tale can be construed as anti-war. But it is not. This is the first recording of this new work, featuring some of the finest musicians working in America today performing Stravinsky's music and a group of four young and talented actors playing the roles written by Vonnegut.

Even more compelling, yet very sad, is the story of the unfortunate star or this new work, Private Eddie D. Slovik. His story is forever-deserving to be heard.

For all of the Stravinsky purists out there, rest assured the music of An American Solder's Tale, Histoire du Soldat, is exactly like the original 1917 version. Vonnegut's text however is quite different from the original, perhaps even a bit controversial, not unlike war itself.

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