Awakening for Clarinet, Guitar, and String Bass

Awakening for clarinet, guitar, and string bass by Howard J. Buss is a charming, soulful composition that is strongly influenced by the Jewish Klezmer idiom. Written for the famous Klezmer clarinetist, Giora Feidman, the music of Awakening gradually moves from the mystical, contemplative opening to an energetic and sparkling finale. The rich, velvety character of the clarinet lends itself to the spiritual nature of the music. Color is added to the ensemble with the use of wind chimes, finger cymbals, and finger rolls on the body of the string bass. Awakening is a memorable addition to any recital, and because of its spiritual nature, makes a wonderful musical offering in a house of worship.

Solo parts included: Bb Clarinet, Guitar, String Bass


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