Backun MoBa Bb Clarinet Barrels

From the manufacturer: Designed in collaboration with Ricardo Morales, the MoBa barrel incorporates qualities of the Fatboy and adds intergrated rings. With the whole barrel vibrating, MoBa barrels create a resistance and enormous tone to cut through the largest orchestras.

Our aged Grenadilla (Dalbergia Melanoxylon) wood is the highest quality. We do not treat our wood with any dyes, allowing the natural colors and grain to shine trough. Grenadilla has a very focused, rich tone with lots or “ping,” perfect for those in search of a quality traditional sound.

The variegated grain Cocobolo (Dalbergia Retusa) used at BMS is of the highest quality. Famous for its robust, warm, tone; Cocobolo adds fluidity and core to your sound. In addition, Cocobolo boasts a myriad of beautiful colors and grain designs. Your clarinet will transform into a work of art. Many of the world’s leading players are now using Cocobolo.

Please note that the sockets on these barrels will not fit Selmer clarinet tenons.

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