2015 DCI World Championships Highlights

In August 2015 the Drum Corps International World Championships in Indianapolis, Indiana came to an exciting conclusion, marking the end of this year's first segment of marching music festivities. Without a doubt, this competitive season of drum corps was one to remember. Constant shifts in placements, unexpected changes to productions, and other surprises kept fans guessing all summer long. Let's take a look at some highlights from the top four corps at this year's World Class Championships:


The Cadets – Allentown, PA | 4th Place: 95.900

Maintaining a strong lead early on, The Cadets presented what may have been the season’s most demanding show: “The Power of Ten.” Though the corps fell to 4th place during the last week of tour, the hornline earned its first Jim Ott brass award since 2005. Late in the season, new all-black uniforms were suddenly unveiled – a surprising break from what The Cadets have traditionally worn for decades.



Bluecoats – Canton, OH | 3rd Place: 96.925

One of the most popular shows this season, the Bluecoats’ production “Kinetic Noise” pushed the envelope of the activity with its use of electronics. Several speakers, multiple audio interfaces, two laptops, and over half a mile of cable moved sound around the field like never before. Acoustical challenges due to the live effects added considerable demand to the program, but this didn’t stop the performers from putting on a great show. The corps made a well-deserved third place finish, earning the third medal in its history.



Carolina Crown – Fort Mill, SC | 2nd Place: 97.075

After staying on top for the last weeks leading into finals, Carolina Crown unexpectedly came second to the Blue Devils on finals night. Despite some disappointment with their finish, the corps was another constant fan favorite throughout the summer. Their show “Inferno,” an entertaining journey to Hell and back, featured all the bold effects and impressive brass playing one would expect from a Carolina Crown production.



Blue Devils – Concord, CA | 1st Place: 97.650

For the first time in decades, a corps that began championship weekend outside the top 3 rose to first place by finals night. After placing 4th in prelims due to a warm-up penalty, the Blue Devils went on to win their 17th title two nights later. Their 2015 production “Ink,” an exploration of various stories and fairy tales, included a new surprise ending for finals weekend: 10-year-old Clara from the feeder corps Blue Devils C emerged from a large book prop, revealing who had been “imagining” the show. Clara has set a record as the youngest member of a World Class corps ever.


Drum Corps International is a nonprofit governing body for the drum and bugle corps activity and brands itself as Marching Music’s Major League. Groups competing within DCI truly set the standard for marching ensembles throughout the world. Visit www.dci.org for more detailed information. Though the 2015 DCI summer tour has come to an end, marching season is far from over. As school starts around the country, marching bands are finishing camps and gearing up for their first performances. If you’re participating in marching band this fall Louisville Music Company wishes you success. If you have any questions about your instrument or anything else we can help with, please contact us.