Concerto in E-flat for Alto Saxophone for Saxophone Quartet

From the arranger:

This work was originally set for saxophone solo with orchestral accompaniment. It was soon adapted for saxophone with piano accompaniment. This concerto was arranged into a saxophone quartet in order to help saxophonists better understand the entire work, and not just the solo part. Because of the nature of the original instrumentation, it's one of the few concertos that actually lends itself to being arranged for this medium. I have been careful to arrange this work in such a way that it is fun, yet also quite challenging. 

What I realized while writing this arrangement is that the accompaniment parts, when written as saxophone parts, seem to lock in quite well with the solo part. The trick though is for the 2nd alto, tenor and baritone parts to be extremely flexible. An orchestral recording should be your guide in working this piece up. This work should sound like one well-blended orchestral sound, and not four individual saxophones. Yet, the lead part should make itself stand out when appropriate, which is somewhat at the discretion of the performer on the lead alto part. With that being said, performers should be careful to adjust dynamics when necessary. Although I have written dynamics in the way I feel they should be shaped, some editing may be necessary, given the qualities of the performers and size of the hall.

*At m. 29 in the lead part, on beats 3 and 4 there is a part that mirrors beats 1 and 2. This may seem to be a small detail, but there was no other way to voice that reiteration in the orchestra other than to place it also in the 1st alto part. Please play beats 3 and 4 like a mirror of beats 1 and 2, but with a softer tone quality.

- Samuel Robles

Solo parts included: alto saxophone 1+2, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone

Score included

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