Winds Studio Pages

Studio Pages are a great resource for any teacher, regardless of their studio size or skill level. It is free to sign up for one, and best of all – you and your students receive a discount on all the sheet music that you place not only on your studio page, but also everywhere on the site. How many times have you sent a student to a music store, online or local, and they come back with the wrong thing? Studio Pages are here to prevent that.

  1. You send us a listing of all your required materials for your studio.
  2. We stock everything on your list, even if we don’t have it- we get it and make sure we keep it in stock at all times.
  3. We create a special link under ‘Studio Pages’ specifically for your studio.
  4. You students purchase their materials directly from your Studio Page and save using your coupon code!

Your students can purchase all their materials in one place, without having to sift through countless versions of the same piece or accessory. It’s just that simple. Email us here to get started:

Instructor Name Instruments Institutions
Andrew DeBoer Clarinet, Saxophone University of Arkansas - Fort Smith
Anne Watson Clarinet Northeastern State University
Anthony Costa Clarinet Penn State University
Brian Viliunas Clarinet Samford University
Christopher Kirkpatrick Clarinet University of Montana
David Oyen Bassoon Morehead State University
Denise Gainey Clarinet University of Alabama - Birmingham
Diane Barger Clarinet University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Elisabeth Stimpert Clarinet University of Central Missouri
Elizabeth Aleksander Clarinet University of Tennessee - Martin
Elizabeth Crawford Clarinet Ball State University
Jana Starling Clarinet University of Western Ontario
Janice Minor Clarinet University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
John Kurokawa Clarinet Wright State University
Jonathan Cohler Clarinet Studio of Jonathan Cohler
Jonathan Guist Clarinet University of Texas - Brownsville
Joshua Mietz Clarinet, Saxophone Casper College
Leslie Moreau Clarinet Boise State University
Lori Ardovino Clarinet, Saxophone University of Montevallo
Lori Baruth Clarinet Morehead State University
Lynn Ann Musco Clarinet Stetson University
Marianne Breneman Clarinet Studio of Marianne Breneman
Mary Alice Druhan Clarinet Texas A&M
Michele Gingras Clarinet Miami University
Robert Spring Clarinet Arizona State University
Shawn Copeland Clarinet University of Idaho
Timothy Phillips Clarinet Troy University
Todd Waldecker Clarinet Middle Tennessee State University
Wesley Ferreira Clarinet Colorado State University
Wonkak Kim Clarinet Tennessee Tech University