Motion for Woodwind Quartet (fl, ob, cl, bsn)

Motion is written to celebrate some of the wonderful things we, as human beings, can do. We can move; we can run, jump, climb, and dance. There are limitless ways we can move to express ourselves. The first movement of the work is "Bike Ride." This movement depicts the simplicity of a comfortable bike ride on a beautiful day. The wheels move steadily (the repeated sixteenth note accompaniment( as the wind rushes by (the melody). The second movement is "Stretch." This movement is slow and lyrical, with stretches in the melody itself. The third movement is 'Tip Toe." The accompaniment is quiet, light, and detached tip-toe, while the melody is the whispered conversation. The fourth movement is "Strut." This movement is infused with a bit of funk. The bassoon is the elctric bass, while the flute, oboe, and clarinet pay the role of the big band. "Strut" is cool and laid back with a bit of swagger.

solo parts included: flute, oboe, clarinet, basoon

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